Shamanic Hands and Drum Healing

Healing as Spirit Intends for Your Highest Good

9/16/2019 - Testimonial from one of my drum makers:
... "Out of the box powerful! I make spirit drums to be a connection tool for people to the spirit realms. Each time a drum is played with intention the power of the drum grows and its medicine gets stronger. The Wakan drum frames provide an incredible energy so that even a newly created drum has powerful medicine that you can feel an immediate connection to your heart center the moment you pick it up. It is the emotion in your prayers and intentions when you play a drum that carry the prayers to spirit and these frames open your heart up for a true emotional connection to other realms. These are truly special and I am honored any time i am asked to create a drum with a Wakan frame.
Aaron Aaron Thebluheron Houtman
Cosmic Earth Medicine

7/29/19 - Testimonial from a drum maker: "Hello! My client loved the drum: ) your frame makes the quality of sound so beautifully rich...They truly sound wonderful. I attached a pic of how it came out, albeit a top view. As you know, I’m not into painting drums, but this one really wanted it..." Andrea Berry Drum Birther, practitioner.

Wakan drum frames (sacred frames) are created with 18 to 20 (or more) tree species considered sacred by various tribes, shamanic and spiritual beliefs from around the world and from the distant past.  The combined sacred wood gives each finished drum additional voice, brings in powerful spirit links, vibrations, healing intent, grounding, ancestral ties and innumerable spiritual gifts that are not in the standard maple or cedar drum frames. 

My vision is to provide drum frames (and a few drums of my own) which will spread as many spirit voices into as many sacred drums around the world as possible, so that their keepers can further spread the drum healing magic to their circle of people and so on into the future.  Our frames honor the many that have followed, are following and will be following the spirit path.

Our frames embody the way of the Tofa, a nomadic tribe of Siberia, where the drum of the shaman was used to communicate with the beings of the spirit realms and were made of a variety of sacred woods[1]. The spirits told the shaman which woods were to be used for the frame of his or her drum.  

I believe that the sacred woods used in the frames I make are the ones spirit wants that benefit those that use and keep one. 

Wakan Drums as Spirit Gateways

Drums and drum frames that are birthed with are powerful and compassionate spirit gateways for the linked spirits to work directly with the person holding her/him for their spirit healing and enlightenment.  I speak from experience as I am the keeper of the sacred drum Freyja, which is a sacred bear drum.  She is an amazing living heart drum, through whom many spirits talk with my clients and their guides, power animals and ancestors to help them heal and travel further down their path of spiritual growth.  Holding such a living drum places the spirit gateway inside a person’s aura, energy field and next to their heart chakra opening the door for communication and healing.  Freyja is described on my web site along with descriptions of the healing events where she and the spirits that work with and through her have helped many people.     

The gift of sacred drums that work directly with a person, vs only having a shaman or healer communicate with such a powerful living gateway is a main purpose of why I am working to make and move these wakan frames and drums out to those people who need them.  Shamans and healers that accept the role of becoming a keeper will receive such joy as they watch clients experience this level of spiritual awareness.

Specific Spirit Links and Allies

Along with the unique spiritual gifts each of the sacred woods provide, I also place into each frame my spiritual allies, healing gifts, guides, power animals and grounding ties to the earth that have been passed into me as part of being a shamanic practitioner and healer.  A key spirit I always ask to reside with each wakan frame is my late life partner Sandy, a powerful angelic healer, the Bell of the Bell and Dorje and is so very connected with many spirits, arch angels and entities.  Many of my client’s report encounters with her and at times they pass back messages from her to me.  Other Spirits I ask to be part of every wakan frame are the Great White Buffalo Calf Lady.  She instructed me on how to drum for the earth and how to create a direct link to the earth and my relations.  She is a part of many things I do.  She was a huge participant in the Sioux Keeping of a Soul Ceremony we held where I took the role of being the person holding Sandy’s spirit.  The Sioux Chief Sitting Bull began to watch over and support my path from the time Freyja was created in 2018.  The Great Lady Freya and her kin of the North is there supporting my work and those that I work with.  The Lady of Guadalupe who always keeps track of me and my work.  St. Francis is a role model of humility and perseverance.  Yahweh has been watching my path for a long time. 

I ask the Four Directions to always be part of the Medicine Wheel Layer of the frame (this is the layer on the top over which the hide first touches the frame).  The Great Serpent of the South, the Great Jaguar of the West, the Lodge of the North where I find the Grandfathers, Elders, Grandmothers, Shamans and powerful native entities, the Great Eagle of the East, Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Recently a known local medium related that Chief Seattle spent a long time and gave the drum frames a deep blessing.

When we perform the creation rituals for each of the Wakan frames and drums, I always ask for the spirits, guides, power animals and ancestors of the future owner/keeper of the drum to jump in and be part of the energies already in the drum.  I know who ever becomes the keeper will have Sandy bringing their spirits into their drum with her happy smile and humor. 

Types of Sacred Wood and Meaning:

The Sacred Woods used are as follow and there is normally 18 to 20 pieces of each type per drum frame:

 Ash, Birch, Beech, Basswood, Red Cedar, Cherry, Dogwood, Fir, Hickory, Koa, Red Narra, Maple, Oak, White Pine, Poplar, Purpleheart, Spruce, Walnut, True cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and Yew and a few more depending on input.  A full description of meanings, spirits and history of these woods are offered in later sections.  Other woods can be included upon request.

Key spiritual designs in our frames:

Wakan Frames are crafted with woods chosen and placed in each layer after listening to my spirit partner Sandy and other spirit allies.   Layout to me is very important and the top layer to me is the most important. 

The Medicine Wheel Layer –


The Medicine Wheel layer is to me, the top layer of the frame and represents the Sioux Medicine Wheel to honor White Buffalo Calf Woman and the tribes around the world, current and past.  Medicine Wheel layouts have many variations. In general, I followed much of the Sioux tradition but created it with my vision and intent to represent The Tree of Life with as many of the sacred woods which are considered to be the Tree of Life.  The four directions honor the various species that are considered to be the Tree. 

The North direction is represented by Ash which is what most regard as the wood of Yggdrasil the Tree of Life.  It is flanked with Yew, which is also considered to be the wood of Yggdrasil by certain cultures.  Holly is next to the Ash as it was the wood that the Spear of Odin was made from.  The other side of the Holly is Red Nara wood that represents the tie into the Buddhist traditions and Buddha.  On the side of the Yew is Siberian Larch, the wood used for the frames of the shamans in ancient times.

The East/West direction is represented by a trinity of sacred woods that honor the path of the Sun as it rises and sets each day.  The first wood is the Red Cedar which is a very sacred wood of many native American Tribes.  Siberian Larch is the center of the wood trinity in the East/West direction with White Oak next to the Siberian larch. The Oak is sacred to many and is a powerful tree.  To me, Father Sky (Yahweh) is represented by the Oak along the East/West axis as in Jewish history it is believed that Abraham received “heavenly visitor” under a terebinth (Pistacia terebinths) tree, or under a Holm Oak (Quercus ilex) at Mamer.  To me, Yahweh is Father Sky and has a very robust sense of humor.  My name for him is Mr. Grey, as he likes to be informal in dealing and guiding my path.

The South direction is Ash flanked by Dogwood, where in some Mohawk communities, the primeval Tree of Life in the Sky World was said to be a giant dogwood tree.  Siberian larch is used once again to flank the woods of the southern direction. 

In this manner, all directions have Siberian larch in common and it is the common wood that touches the outer circle in all directions.  Siberian Larch ties the Medicine Wheel Layer and the frame to the Tungus shamans of Siberia and the mystical tree Tururu which is a celestial tree where the souls of the shamans were raised before they incarnated as human beings.

Mother Earth and strong spiritual grounding is represented by the small bits of magnetite and Brazilian Kimberlite Red Clay sprinkled over the glue layer that binds the layer to the one below the Medicine Wheel layer.  Water and Fire are used during the crafting of the frame. 

The Quadrants:

The North East is represented by the Alaskan Yellow Cedar. (yellow)

The South East is represented by the Aspen, which is actually true Poplar.  (white)

The Southwest quadrant is made from Purpleheart or Black Walnut.  (black)

The Northwest quadrant is made from Yew.  (red)

The Core Zone:

I designed the drums so that in even the smallest 6-inch drum all species of sacred woods are represented. 

After getting your Wakan Drum Home

If desired, call me and we will set up a time when I can and will open a remote sacred space for you and your new frame/drum.  The intent of this space will be to formally ask the spirits of the wakan frame or drum to join with all of your spirits as one big loving family, that will always be with you and those that you work with or associate with.  We will open space and I will guide you to open your sacred drum with its new family.  I don’t think this is always necessary, but at times it is the proper path we will take.

Craftsmanship and Sources

We create our drum frames from the best sources we can find and hold several ceremonies and rituals during the building process that cleanse, integrate and activates the many spirit energies already embodied in each wood piece with new ones.  Drum frames are hand crafted and finished with linseed oil which is a natural oil made from flax.  I place an identification stamp inside the frame of a Tree of Life, the Bell and Dorje representing the Tibetan Buddhism, and the Buffalo to symbolize the White Buffalo Calf Lady and the vast indigenous tribes of the world that stand behind her in my vision.

Custom Drum Frames: 

We will accept custom orders where you specify the wood(s) that you want to be in your frame along with their location.  Pricing will be determined based on your order. 

Frame Sizes:  We create frames from 20 inches down to 6 inches.  I can make larger frames; I just need to know the size and other details such as woods, heights and so forth. 

Pricing: Payment can be made via paypal to  Each drum frame is unique in pattern and linked to the trees, earth, rocks, tribes, ancestors and many spirits as mentioned in earlier sections.  This is the beauty of frames along with the visual aspect, but they are to bring healing and spiritual growth and comfort to their keepers. 

Completed drums are priced from $350 to $850 USD.  Please call or email me for the current drums and frames available for sale.


References:   The following are but a few of the many that I researched and referenced.  I have additional information regarding the sacred trees that I will be happy to email.

The book “Sacred Trees, Spirituality, Wisdom & Well-Being, by Nathaniel Altman”, is an amazing book about Sacred Trees and was used extensively as part of me research.  In the later sections, the web address of where the statements were found are included and you are encouraged to link over and enjoy these peoples work.