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Healing as Spirit Intends for Your Highest Good

My healing experiences at the Shamandome 2018

Thursday September 6, 2018 - My amazing time and events at Burning Man and the Shamandome.

After coming home from burning man, I know my healing mode changed by being chosen to be a camper/healer with Shamandome. It has morphed into an internal team effort for the most part.  Myself, my drum Freyja and Sandy’s spirit.  The creation of the drum Freyja is described in an earlier blog entry which involved myself and Sandy being a major contributor as spirit.  There are other strong guides and spirits involved, but Sandy is the lead without question.  I’ve always felt the deep, wide and intense love in my heart area since her passing and with the direct conversation with her via Charlie, Daisy and others there is no doubt that she is an active partner in my life and all my healing experiences.  She is a very strong archangel which makes it a great team effort when working with people.

Shamandome was a collection of 35 shamanic healers of many modalities that were handpicked by the founders and key people.  We offered one-on-one healing and large find your power animal secessions.  Other seminars were offered all day as well.  Shamandome touched at least 1000 people during the days we were open. 

Shamanic Death Ritual – Shamandome held a deep playa event on the north side of the Temple named “Shamanic Death Ritual”.  This was attended by 80 people.  Last year there were 250 people however, the event this year did not make it into the burning man event guide.  If it had, we were prepared to work with up to 500.  It is a ritual where people come to symbolically pass from this life (face their death), lie on the ground for 20 minutes and then be helped to their feet by the crew being reborn into life.  During the journey the person looks at their life and then comes back to hopefully change their life path a bit for the better.  people in line with blindfolds were crying, shaking and experienced very moving and wonderful inner journeys.  I was surprised as I had never been seen something like this, let alone be a crew member.  I was the drummer, walking around with Freyja drumming.  As I walked I could feel intense emotions and knew when to go to a specific person or group and drum by the energy from Sandy (intense love and caring).  I worked with a lot of people that night and one semi suicidal young woman that three of us worked with.  Later I walked her to the temple to show her Sandys memorial box as an example of strength people have when faced with really tough situations.  I hope she is ok and has a better life.

My working process at Shamandome - Working one-on-one was my focus at Shamandome and the tools I used were shaman cord cutting, soul retrieval, giving the client Freyja to hold while talking and mediating, drumming into the client, intuitive insight into the client, helping a client journey back or to talk to their guides or power animals, shamanic reiki which is incorporating hands and energy flow as client holds the drum or eye staring with my hand over their heart or as they sit with closed eyes and meditate.  Other modes were coaching other reiki or shaman healers that arrived in my tent for a one-on-one healing. 

A typical secession would start with the person entering my little dome tent and sitting across from me.  As we started to talk, I would give her/him Freyja to hold against their heart.  Most of the time, the person would start to cry as they felt the deep love and energy flow from Freyja into them.  I would ask them to close their eyes, breath deeply and look inside for the items they wanted to address during our secession.  What were they feeling, visuals, emotions and in general encourage them to bring out those things from inside that concerned them and needed healing.  From that point we would decide what mode they needed, and the secession would progress.  One of the key aspects of my work and others is to teach the client the tools that they can use anytime to expand their healing or to deal with life.  We help the person in the moment they are with us and empower them to help themselves as they walk their path of life.

The spectrum of people that I saw ranged from emergency emotional crashes to calm discussions about this mode of healing with a navy doctor.  It was interesting in that he held Freyja the entire time and when I noted that to him, he smiled and said the drum felt good.  Most of my clients were women.  Some in rather interesting attire, or lack of attire.  I saw five men and the rest were women and the total at 50 to 70 people that I worked with. 

A discussion of the healing secessions.  The following presents a select number of my healing interactions with people during the week at Shamandome and burning man.  It was an intense “boot camp” of rapid healing experiences that has given me “no fear” of working as a healer.  Most of the time there was a line of people sitting outside our healing domes waiting their turn.  Rapid fire work, triage shamanic healing.  Very interesting. 

Fellow shamans – I related my story to several of my fellow healers.  All commented on the intense flow of energy, love and presence they felt as they held her.  One person gave me input from Sandy, and that I needed to mediate for at least 11 minutes holding Freyja as she had many things to tell me.  All of these people commented that they had never held such a powerful and alive drum.  One person at the end of the week as I was saying goodbye to her thanked me, Freyja and my wife (Sandy) for the energy that she received.  As she held Freyja I reached out and took a tear from her and placed in on the drum.  I commented that anytime during her future healing work she could ask Sandy to attend and I thought she would be there to help her.  Another commented to me by thanking me for grounding her during the week.  I had no idea what she was talking about as I never had worked with her and I said that.  She then explained that she felt I was a major grounding person and that I helped to ground all the camp.  I was not knowing what to say……

Several of my fellow campers received direct input from Sandy on things to consider as they faced life changes.  One healer commented that he could feel me working with a person several yards away from him.  That surprised me to say the least…. He had brought a woman into the camp and was off getting something, and I happened to walk past her.  I stopped and asked her what she was looking for.  “to find my power animal” was her reply.  I reached out and placed my hand over her heart and asked her what she felt.  “love” was her reply.  I asked that she close her eyes and look around and ask for her animal.  It was a short meeting, and I think she found it later. 
When visiting the temple one day with two of my fellow campers that wanted to visit Sandy, one asked to hold her memorial box and after a few minutes of holding and mediating, she said she felt very strong love flowing into her.  Amazing.

One late afternoon about dinner time I arrived back at the dome with a beer in hand.  There were three people standing talking and I stopped close to them and asked if I could help.  Had an interesting talk and then one young woman walked over to me and reached out and touched my left shoulder.  I asked her what she felt as she pulled her arm back and she was wide eyed.  She felt a very strong majestic female presence flowing into her.  Not what she expected to say the least. I laughed and said that Sandy had just introduced herself.  I then reached  out and placed my hand on her heart and asked her what she felt….. this time it was my energy, rather strong.  Turns out she was a healer and was drawn to the Shamandome.  We talked and I brought her over to the car and placed Freyja into her hands.  Yup… the emotions and energy flowed.  When asked what she felt, she said she had a conversation and said she was looking for someplace to go for help.  Well, in her normal to the point approach, Sandy told her “why do you think you were guided to Shamandome?”  the lady then said she was looking for help.  Sandy replied to her with “I am going go help you”.  That was that!  The lady actually had a quick visual picture of Sandy.

A 30 year old woman was rather intense and it finally came out she was a healer also.  Holding Freyja had quite an impact and at the end, many of her scattered issues seemed to have been dealt with and she left with clear eyes and a calmness. 

A lady from Fiji arrived and had been a healer since childhood.  She had repressed her gifts as she could feel their strength and power.  As I worked with her to coach her to understand how to release her gifts, she paused (still holding Freyja) and gave me three messages from Sandy.  The first was she was very proud of what I was doing, the second, she felt my pain about her passing and the third was reassurance that she would always be there with me and especially during healings.  Wow… what can you say.  A client giving me healing messages from my partner.  That was a powerful moment.  I think this was the person that saw a polar bear as one of my animals as she was holding Freyja. 

Another person was sent over specifically to work with me by her friend that I had worked with earlier in the day.  Grinnn…
One man came in and cried when he held Freyja.  He had many issues with family and others, so this was a cord cutting event.  At the end, he seemed at peace as cutting cords is a difficult thing to do.  Several women also cut many cords and one in particular must have cut 20 cords… 

One woman, a healer came in and we ended up placing Freyja on her chest with my left hand on her head and right on her shoulder.  She needed a “recharging” and got to 90% she said.  Very happy person.

One lady from Spain, after holding Freyja for a bit started to tap her fingers on her.  I asked  her if the drum had given her permission to play her and she said, yes, Freyja asked her to play.  So, she started singing this powerful song of just tones... no words.. in a beautiful voice... I was shocked, but I heard from inside it was her heart song and from that she chose the path she was trying to decide on.

One morning I arrived in the big dome for the morning circle and found a young woman sleeping with one of our spirit books next to her.  I sat next to her and it turned out she was from the camp nearby and wanted to be here for some reason.  So during the meeting she sat next to me.  We always did and exercise of two partners laying next to each other and asking our animals to help the other.  At the end, she was crying as she was visited by her grandmother and fathers.  Much love was given from them to her and she was so happy.

One lady, who was a healer also had all sorts of issues including many gay/poly/straight relationship issues.  It was a challenge to keep her looking inside for her core person and what she was looking for but at the end, she was happy and wanted to work with me after burning man.

One lady had many trauma issues going back to when she was in her mother’s womb and experiencing much hardships and trauma.  With her, I had her lay down and I journeyed her back to each trauma event using the drum softly.  The goal was to go to that version of herself, to and hug her and ask herself to come home with love.  We walked back to many events and finally into the womb to thank her mother.  When she came back, she was emotionally in a good place and I think the secession indeed helped her.

Walking from the Shaman death ritual with the semi suicidal young woman and two of my camp healers to the temple, a lady stopped us and asked about the ritual she just witnessed.  I answered a few questions and finally just reached out and placed Freyja on her chest and asked her what she felt.  Well,,,,, she went into convulsions almost falling and sobbing.  So, I pulled back and asked if she felt something.  Reply… yes,, no kidding!!!  I asked if she felt love and she did.  That, I said, is what we work with to help people find what they need.  Love.  As it turned out, she was the last lady on Saturday that I worked with.  She returned several times and we finally got the chance to sit together.  Her experience at the temple and while sitting gave her a memory of how much love and care others in the spirit world and normal people feel for her.  It was a good day for her.

A key meeting was at the end of one day when a blond lady was standing at the entry looking around.  I walked up and chatted her up.  She was a shaman who had a push to come to the dome to learn about other healers.  She was a Nordic shaman and a year ago took the oath to be an embodiment of Freyja,,, the Norse major spirit.  Ok… well, I suggested that we go and talk so we did.  I held off telling her my drums name until she was holder her, sideways with thin direction over her heart.  She commented on the strength of power that was flowing into her to the point of almost pain.  Good energy to say the least.  At that point I told her the drum was named Freyja.. oh yea…. That brought a surprised look to her face… so,, we had quite a chat after that.  She came back the next day for the morning circle and got pulled into several team healings.  We are defiantly going to keep in touch and maybe I can get her in touch with Robin, the local shaman lady I work with at some point.

The day that the Nordic lady attended our circle, she sat with me and I had a very strong energy field around me and my field was very active, it was one I have felt before but the first time here at burning man.  I commented to her that I briefly saw my library and there was an additional very white light being next to Sandy and I.  I suspect I know who that was…. Easy to connect the dots.  She said she knew.

Tarot card reading.  One of the fellow campers did a reading for me the night of the burn.  I pulled all four of the ace cards.  He was shocked as in all of his 40 plus years of reading cards, he had never had anyone pull all four in a reading.  Basically, my life is at a full reboot along all lines.  Focus on getting my healing work going, charge for my work, expect new things, expect a relationship to form and it’s a lot of amazing things upcoming.  I’m not surprised.

That is all of the highpoints from my journal.  This represents the amazing events I was part of and experienced during my work at the Shamandome.  Wow. 

The birth of the drum, Freyja. 

The need to have a shaman’s drum was part of my being one of the Shaman Dome campers for the 2018 Burning Man.  Looking on the net for one to buy the very strong thought was there pushing me to make my own as it was important.  My searching found Sharon Henderson on Whidbey island, a shaman who specialized in making drums for people.  I emailed a letter.

The drum is a forging of love between Sandy and myself.  A powerful spirit and a human.  Her as my spirit partner/mate/soul mate recently passed from this life line due to cancer.  Myself as a shaman reiki healer of recent awakening.  She and I have been together in many life lines it seems and as healers in several.  As I worked on the drum, the emotional energy for her, knowing she was there feeling the gripping love around my heart, knowing I had done this type of work before, flowing my tears into the materials and both Sharon and Charlie (her husband and medium) giving input and words from Sandy and other spirits created a focal point of intensity that I had not felt before.  Much of the time I could not speak but a few words due to emotion and tears and focus of what was being created. My fingers knew what to do, how taunt to pull the sinew and so on.

The drum is an entity created by us to focus healing energy from both of us into this world and time line.  It was made from bear hide with deer hide from the first deer I killed 40 years ago as the handle wrappings.  As I talked with Sharon at the beginning, she asked what animal to use.  I had no idea and the more we talked the more her guides and others were yelling… give him bear.  So, my drum is bear.

After I finished, Charlie softly said, Sandy put a direct link to the ancient tree of life into the drum as a gift to you Chuck.  It is linked to many others and radiates healing.  He also asked if I knew a Freyja.  I did not but that name was given to me from Sandy and since that time, I realize it is the name of our drum.  She gave me the drums name.  Charlie also related that the drum is a key partner in my mediumship, that I suspect is about to evolve.

One of the four people who were there as the drum was being created was Rayne.  When the drum was finished and sitting on a vertical stand, she looked into the face of the drum.  She began to see animals, one after another after another, with faces and people and more animals.  I finally asked her is she always saw a zoo full of animals when looking into a drum.  She answered, I have never seen this.

At the end of the afternoon, Sharon said they had never been part of such an event as the afternoon was.  For the next two days they spend the time recovering. 

The first person, my friend Rasa, reached for the drum to feel its energy.  She heard, “be careful, there is change coming”.  Picking it up, she gasped and held it over her heart and for the next 15 minutes she cried and connected to her father, fixing an issue and having him intertwined with her for the first time.  He had passed a year ago at 100.  I stood and watched, doing nothing but watched the drum work to heal her.  She said the bear energy reached into her and was filled with love.  My mentor Daisy held the drum and smiled telling me a lot about it and its link and force.  It is a key part to my being a full medium it seems.  She said to guard it with my life at Burning Man.  My shaman mentor, Robin held her also and gave me much more information.  Again, a very powerful entity, healing and joy.  It is fiercely feminine with joy and happy energy but NO ONE IS TO PLAY IT,,, only me.  Period.  Freyja wants to get busy playing music with other drums, bells, tambourines, etc. in circles.  It has energy to spread.

That is the overview of the creation/birth of my shaman drum, Freyja.  Burning Man will be a period of time for its awakening and learning for both of us.

The passing of my partner Sandy – 4/18/2018

Sandy was my life partner and a healer with me in this and previous lifelines.  After 8 months of being her 24/7 caregiver when her cancer returned she passed back into spirit on my birthday.  I know this was on purpose as to celebrate the heart bond between us on this day in the upcoming years.  She was a very strong woman and is now back to being a very strong and well connected spirit/guide that works with many people.  I miss her very much but am gifted with the certain knowledge that no matter where I go, her home is in my heart and as my healing path proceeds, she will be in each healing secession with me and the client sharing her love and compassion.    

12/26/2017   Going full reiki/shamanic healing in the Emergency Room

Since my awakening a few years ago, I have shared much of what I have learned as a channel for healing with the people who are in my life.  However, as much as I have been working to get an energy (reiki/shamanic) healing practice going, life has had other plans.  For the last 4 months I have been giving full time care to my partner/girl friend Sandy, who has had cancer metastasize in several areas.   There are many energy experiences that have happened between us to talk about in future blog posts. 

In September during the first time Sandy was in the ER in great pain, I decided to give her reiki while lying on the gurney as she was in extreme pain under no medication.  She had been assessed by the nurse and she left to get the doctor.  Minutes went by and she was in horrible pain.  Being desperate to help her, I decided to “go public” and begin to use my healing gifts and try to journey her to a river location she loves.  I hoped to guide her there so that the pain could be ignored until the doctor arrived.

I knelt at the head of the gurney and placed my hands under her head and began to open the sacred space around her.  In my low quiet voice, I began the relaxation of her body and after a minute of this I began to walk her down the path to the river.  I could feel many levels of energy in the room as she began to become quiet and her breathing slowed, and she entered a relaxed trance state.  I kept guiding her to the river and she and I maintained that state for about 25 minutes.  She encountered some of her guides and I added visuals that my intuition sensed could help.   Sea otters bringing her Mai Tai drinks for example.  lol... I think they were there.

25 minutes later, with her in a deep sleep, the doctor rushed into the room and stopped in her tracks.  The nurse from earlier was staring at Sandy in shock (she thought she was dead I think) and ran into the back of the doctor before she stopped in her tracts.  I will never forget the look on their faces as the doctor exclaimed “and you call this extreme pain???” in a very confused voice.  I smiled at her and commented, “yes, she is in extreme pain, I’ve had her calmed for 25 minutes and now she is your patient”.  With that I removed my hands and my partners eyes snapped open and the pain was back at 10 over 10.  The doctor and nurse were shocked, to say the least.

As the doctor and nurse worked on her they kept looking at me eye to eye and finally asked what I had been doing that had her asleep.  I said it was reiki and other healing that I have been doing for a few years.  Sandy confirmed that as best she could and the “looks” kept coming.  It was an amazing experience for me helping my partner with her pain for a few moments but also to be able to give the doctor and nurse a memory that I am sure they will not forget.  It was a moment where energy healing gifts were demonstrated in an emergency room under harsh conditions. 

During the next 10 days there were about 9 other medical staff that experienced times when I put her in a semi trance during peak pain periods or prior to some procedures.  One older nurse was very familiar with reiki and calmly informed her associates about it.  A few times one of those nurses would track me down in the hall and bring me back to her room to “do reiki”. 

Yes… this took time for me to accept and it has been so very wonderful to be able to help energy go and do what it wants to do for those in need.  This experience was one of those that put you in a very humble space, grateful for the gifts and the results they can bring.  Namaste .  PS - please send  your thoughts to Sandy. 

January 5, 2018 -  Energy flow.   The experience I would like to describe happened a few years ago.  A very good friend of mine had listened to me describe the various energy / healing events that I had been experiencing and asked me to come over and give her reiki/healing.  She is a widow and had very strong memories of her late husband, Adrian.  When we started, I sat on the floor at the foot of her bed and placed my hands under her head with my fingers connecting with the lobes behind her ears and the base of her head.   I went into a zen mind state, asked for the energy and guides to flow and chanted a few symbols over and over.  Within minutes she went into a calm state of mind with slow breathing.  I kept a zen mind for minutes and then i began to feel the room behind me fill with a wave of very strong and intense presence.  I felt it wash over me and through me into Kathy much as a huge ocean wave runs up a beach.  The intensity of the feeling of love and compassion was overwhelming as it flowed through me to the point where i started to cry tears of joy, happiness and amazement.  As this was happening to me, my friend began to arch her back and let out several loud sounds.  No words, just sounds.  I kept my hands under her head until i felt it was time to pull back and stop.  

I sat back, in tears.  When she awoke, she had a look of pure happiness and calmness that I had not seen on her before.  You could feel how deep inside this was rooted which was great.  She recounted that it felt like she was lifted up and out of her body as as she looked down, she saw a flow of water wash through her which released the trivial things that were causing her stress and unhappiness.  She felt her late husband very strongly which gave her such joy knowing without doubt that he was really there still looking after her.  Weeks after this event I asked how she was and her comment was that her life had dramaticly changed.  She was calmer, more confident in life and knew without reservation that we are eternal beings.  She finally read a book that had opened my eyes (Brian Weiss - Many Lives Many Masters) and related very strongly to the message.  It was an amazing healing event and one of my early ones.  Namaste.

An event with forgiveness from my journal -

December 25, 2016 - 

yes, it is Christmas day and its been an interesting last few days.  Three years ago on the 22nd, the big toss to the curb happened and began my path towards the secession with Efrain on October 16th , 2013.  The last few days have been mostly calm and there has been a lot of energy from various places and people in my head and surrounding.  Ive been in an ok mood, reflective a bit but very aware of energies flowing in and around.  Last night I had a short bit of grumpy thoughts but low intensity. 

This morning I decided to walk to the beach with my current collections of stones and give them a bath in salt water, as many of the shamanist and reiki books and people say is a good thing.  So off I went, with the sage bundle from Efrain, my many stones and to the beach I went.  It was very much in a Zen walk, very reflective and quiet time.  At the beach, after I filled the container containing my rocks with sea water, I placed it on the beach next to my walking stick.  I began to ask the four winds, each in turn to bless the rocks and be part of my meditation thoughts.  Interesting event…  as I started to ask the eagle of the east to participate, I heard the crows up in the trees off to my left in a commotion.  I turned and there was an eagle, one of the local ones turning out from the trees and over the water, aligning with the edge of the water and beach.  He was flying just at an angle way from me, but I put out my hands, palms up and he changed his course and flew directly over me.  Proceeding down the beach for some time, he finally turned inland.  A very interesting event.  I thought about what Robin saw and other input from people about eagles.  A good omen.

During my thoughts, I looked at the paths of myself and many others and began to send reiki out to all of them, yes, even her.  I asked that their guides used it for the highest good in each case.  At one point, and I do not know who it was, but I heard a very soft “thank you” echo in my mind.  It might have been Nataliya.  Again,, it was a very clear, but soft communication and yes, I knew it was her spirit.

Walking back I stopped midway up the trail as it felt like I was part of the surrounding area, I seemed to feel all that was around and I asked again, if help could be granted to assist me get myself out of my financial mess and stress so that my path as a healer could be a focus.  It’s interesting, as in the path, I have been told that those that need my help, will find me.  It may be a reason that my college buddy Al Simpson, has gotten back in touch with me after decades of non-contact.  We will see, but it is a welcome event. Namaste.

My experience giving Shamanic Death Rites - from my journal:

January 8th 2016  

Ive had a rather tumultuous December as a few days after being out of my work, my father went into the hospital with pneumonia - both lungs. this was the 5th, the day after he turned 86.  On the morning of the 16th, my mom let me know that they were going to be reducing his O2 and expected him to pass away later that day.   I thought i should do the death rites remotely (they are in Cincinnati) similar to doing remote reiki healing. 

I sat in my room, and followed the process outlined in Alberto's book.  it took me about an hour or more, but i focused on closing the charkras, and giving him thoughts and direction that there was nothing to fear, light was there waiting and it would be wonderful I created a sacred space around him and the family there, and called in the reiki side etc to assist as they would for his benefit.  My guides, theirs, some of the ones that always attend when i go and have a reiki meeting with my teacher Nancy, i even asked for your shaman people if they would be present.  I thought it was appropriate.  After an hour or so i felt it was over and i imagined my hands on his feet and pushed him gently with the thoughts that it was soon time to release and peace was at hand. 

 so.... later in the day, at 130 i was sitting with my partner Sandy looking out over the water and my brother in law called and said he had passed 30 mins ago.  very easy, peaceful.  i had some strong emotions and Sandy was being pulled into some very strong energy, could feel my mom and all of a sudden Sandy started to choke,,,kinda sputtering and finally blurted out these words...  " removing the fear, was the greatest gift that you could have given to him"....  Sandy was crying as she was compelled to say this exactly as Dr Centeno and my son Steve were compelled to say things to me in the recent past.  identical facial expressions, flushing, tears etc...   it really put me speechless for some time.   that was her first time in bringing out a message.    I guess I have completed the check box for giving last rites....  it was powerful. 

The boys and i went back for two weeks and it was amazing to be able to give support and reassurance to my mom about all of this.  really something.  
On a walk to Walgreens to pick up an item for my mom, I walked by a fence where a midsized mastiff type dog ran off the porch and came barking and huffing up to the wire fence and followed me along till I passed it.   When I came back the same way, he did the same, came running up, huffing, barking,, etc.  Not thinking,,, I put out my right hand palm out to him and said shhhh shhhhh.   He immediately dropped his head in mid stride, turning to the right and quietly walked back to his porch.  I was kinda surprised at that……   Namaste.

My only paom to all people. - January 2014.  Written after a zen walk

Souls are skipping stones flying across the water’s surface
Skipping, touching, bouncing, soaring landing on the sandy beach of the other side
Water is the pool of life, the lives of people we are part of are marked by the ripples we make
Inspect the ripples you make, see how they spread and mix with all ripples on the water
Ripples are your actions, their actions, decisions, tears, joy, and happiness all expanding never ending
Take time to understand when airborne, change the stone’s angle before landing once again
Land softly and make good ripples better upon each landing
When the stone lands for the last time on warm sand, hope that the ripples behind are pure
The sandy beach is now a spot for a picnic and short rest before making ripples again.
C. Wilson  January 2014