Shamanic Hands and Drum Healing

Healing as Spirit Intends for Your Highest Good

Heart Drum Healing

My primary healing partner is my Heart/ Medicine/Spirit Drum Freyja that I use with my clients in many ways.  The gift given by the drum is to open the heart, so the client can deeply look inside themselves to see and understand issues and things that they want to address, resolve and reach a state of healing.  We start by sitting facing each other (on the floor or in our chairs) and taking a few moments to meditate and clear the mind.  We then begin to talk about the client’s intention (what they want to achieve, discuss, or resolve) while the client holds the Medicine drum Freyja against their heart with crossed arms.  The discussion then proceeds to determine what healing modes the rest of the session will incorporate.  We may decide to:

Find your power animal first and follow a journey, or
Journey back to a life specific trauma to reach resolution, or
Look for areas in your energy body that don’t belong and perform an extraction,
Work and focus on chakras, or
I might drum over you as I guide you on a drummed journey or
Perform only reiki and relaxation methods for the session

A Heart Drum Healing session is never the same.  It is what Source; your Spirit Guides and your Reiki Guides and Reiki energy intend for your highest good.

Remote Reiki/Shamanic Healing

For clients that are not local, a remote healing session is the option to choose.  In this process, the client provides a few small items such as a photo, a bit of hair or an old small item such as a sock which has your energy imprint.  The process I follow is to open sacred space and use both Reiki and Shamanic ceremonies asking for the highest good and healing to flow to the client.  This may be conducted at a specific time or over a two-week period depending on the client and situation.  After I have completed the work, we will talk for a bit to share experiences and thoughts and I either send the items back or dispose of them in a fire ceremony. 

 Working with people experiencing Cancer or other serious conditions

I have a drive to share my gifts with people facing these life conditions because I was the caregiver for my late life partner Sandy.  I understand this phase of life all too well and this experience has given me deep and personal insight to share with others.  Shamanic tools and Reiki provides many healing modes to use in these sessions.  There are so many emotional, healing and spiritual levels of support that a person (and family) needs during this life phase that I can and want to share. 

 Life’s Transition and help in passing (Death Rites)

We all face the point in our lives where we die and our spirit leaves to return to Source, God or where ever a person’s belief system embraces.  I can offer two ceremonies.

The first is the Shamanic Death Rite and have been privileged to do this twice.  Once with my father (this was a remote rite as he was thousands of miles away) and the other was in person for my late life partner Sandy.  Both times I received direct messages afterwards of thanks from Spirit which were amazing and humbling. 

A very good discussion of this can be found in the book by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, “Shaman, Healer and Sage; How to Heal Yourself and Others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas” ( Book section).  Look in Chapter 9 which is titled “Death, Dying and Beyond” where this ceremony is presented.   Basically, this Rite helps the soul release from the fear of dying and its ties to its physical body so that he/she can proceed to the light as many people have written about.  This is a controversial topic and is a parallel to Last Rites of many religions, so please read the chapter and if I can assist, I would be honored to do so. 

The second is the Sioux "The Keeping of the Soul" ceremony as described in the book "The Sacred Pipe" by Black Elk. This is one of the seven Sacred Rites of the Oglala Sioux and I am currently participating in this rite and keeping the soul of my late partner Sandy.  Once you begin this rite, adminisitered by a  shaman or previous Keeper, it is one that the new Keeper has the responsibility to then train the next person in need.  I have a very amazing fellow shaman lady that can assist with me or conduct this ceremony when needed.  It is very powerful, loving and the Keeper is "wakan"the rest of their life (which means a holy person/man/woman).