Shamanic Hands and Drum Healing

Healing as Spirit Intends for Your Highest Good

A brief history of how I was placed on my healing path:

I experienced a deep spirit/life awakening on 10.16.14 which evolved from the preceding 10 months of deep emotional trauma. This was the lowest point in my emotional life.  I finally decided to visit a holistic but normal psychologist that had been reccomended to me by a close friend.  Halfway into the deeply emotional secession, a powerful spirit guide stood in and lifted me up and out of the pit with a bolt of white light that I saw and felt as it rose up from inside of myself.  The light I felt and knew was “hope and love”.  The Doctor felt this energy blast which was a first-of-a-kind event for him in all of his 30 years of practice.   Similar events became common during our meetings and were instrumental in my healing and understanding what my gifts are.

From that event and the healing experiences that followed I became aware of how energy was flowing through me into my friends which healed various issues, some very serious.  I now understanding what my authentic self is and that I had been a healer before and the gifts of healing re-awoke on that day in October. 

During the following months my mentor/doctor pushed me to explore Reiki and Shamanism to learn about energy healing and what tools others use to help people.  At one point I was told by a well-respected local healer that I was a pure channel.  In her 15 years of working with people, she had rarely encountered this and was emphatic to make this point.  I was very surprised and confused as becoming a healer had never been on my radar (or part of my engineering degree) and it was something I was very skeptical about.  Energy healing?  Spirit changes?  Shaman? All of which I previously never considered to be real. 

"Shaman Hands".  I learned from spirit that I was a shaman and have been guided all of my life.  I learned this one time when I had my hands on my life partner Sandy's shoulders and she felt a huge blast of electricity flowing into her.  She described it as 600 amps (she was a carpenter).  Along with the shock, she heard a loud voice in her head that said "shaman hands" three times to her.  I learned about this a month later when she finally told me and after she had researched what it meant. 

I deeply understand and accept how real the flow of healing energy is and to be given a gift to heal, starts each day with a new and humbling light.  Knowing and seeing the changes in my friends and clients reinforces my belief and trust in this mode of healing and I hope that you and I will have a chance to meet, talk and see what these gifts can do for your spirit. 

Some very interesting articles can be read at the following web sites  Everyone is unique as is how they were called onto this path.  Some seek it following intuition and some are gifted onto the path without having a clue as to what just happened!

My Background: Mechanical Engineer, Raised two fine sons, Scouts, Single Engine Pilot, Scuba, over 450 nights of camping, Ocean boating, fishing, various hobbies such as bike riding, gold mining, geology, married a few times, divorced a few times, Nuclear construction, General Contracting, Technical Sales, real estate broker and now spiritual healing. 

I received my Black belt with my oldest son in Tae Kwon Do in June of 2017.

Usui Ryoho Reiki Master
Shamanic Reiki Healing Master Practitioner (Shamanic Reiki Worldwide)
Member - IARP®, the International Association of Reiki Professionals®
Shaman Dome Healer/Camp Member - Burning Man 2018
Energy Healer / Shaman