Thank you for visiting.  I help people as they journey along their spiritual path with many shamanic methods.  I also hand craft Wakan Sacred Drums and Drum Frames.  "Wakan" is the Sioux word for holy/sacred.  The frames i build integrate many of the sacred trees from many tribes, cultures and beliefs from around the world both past and present.  Wakan frames and the drums that have them give their owners/keepers many links to healing spirits that are not in standard cedar or other frames.   Please visit the Drum  page.

My shamanic work includes :

Shamanic journey,

Sacred heart drumming,

Finding power animals and guides,


Chakra work

and remote healing. 

I work from my office, I travel to a clients location or remotely over the net to better serve people no matter where they reside.

I have been gifted with a sacred medicine drum named Freyja by my main spirit partner (my late partner Sandy).  She is a sacred bear drum with many links to healing sources, very strong spirits, entities, bear/deer, guides and the tree of life.  I refer to Freyja as a Heart Drum which embodies the deep and pure emotion of love.  She can reach into your heart and help with understanding what it is that you are seeking.  Sacred drums are living spirit entities and provide an active gateway for healing spirits.  Client reactions range from just holding her during a visit and feeling simple comfort to times where tears flow and strong emotion flows unchecked.  Please enjoy two recordings on our youtube channel and subscribe.

What is Shamanism?  

Shamanism  is the oldest healing mode.  It works with life energy, Spirit, Source and Guides to help the client receive the highest good they need at that moment.  The Shamanic practitioner serves as the conduit to intuitively evaluate and implement the healing mode and energies Spirit/Source wants to flow into and around the client.  The Shaman works with the client by performing ceremonies on their behalf, or with them participating, or simply serving as their guide while they travel in their Inner world.  The shaman is the hollow bone Source/Spirit flows through to reach into and help the clients and each practitioner has their own set of specific healing and spiritual gifts they offer to clients.   

Shamanic practitioners like to teach their clients tools and methods they can use over their lifetime.  This occurs during a session as the participation of the client is key to their healing.  Empowering them with methods and tools to improve their life provides the starting point of a lifetime of spiritual change and growth. 

Shamanic and Reiki References to read. 

In a quick summary, there is Reiki and there is Shamanism and the blending of both.  Below are some references that I like and recommend you read to become more familiar with this healing mode.

"The Nepalese Shamanic Path, Negotiating the Spirit World", Evelyn C Rysdyk with Bhola Nath Banstola.
“Shamanic Reiki, Expanded Ways of Working with Universal Life Force Energy”, Lynn Roberts and Robert levy.
“Shaman, Healer and Sage; How to Heal Yourself and Others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas”.  Dr. Alberto Villoldo
“Everyday ZEN”, Charlotte Joko Beck (neither reiki or shaman, but a good book on meditation)
“Reiki Shamanism, A Guide to Out-of-Body Healing”, Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi)

Shamanic Hands and Drum Healing

Healing as Spirit Intends for Your Highest Good